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Contemplative Creativity Mini Retreats 

Sacred Reflection, Play, and Creative Expression

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You are invited to enjoy a time of
Creative Inquiry
and Sacred Exploration  in Community! 

Come discover your own deep inner wisdom

and cultivate your unique expressive voice through

conversation, creative curiosity.....and stillness. 

Enter a space of beauty and support

as you journey to discover  what matters most to you.

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What to expect in our time together

Each Contemplative Creativity experience is unique just like the members of the circle who will gather.  The time together includes an warm welcome for folks to get to know one another followed by a time of exploration of a theme with supporting poetry, sacred texts, and images.   

Following this "priming of the pump" I'll introduce some options for creative expression ranging from painting, writing, journey card making, to collage and beyond. 

There will be a model to follow and options to free style as you are led with a full studio of premium art materials at your disposal.  We will work independently in companionable quiet as we integrate what is emerging for us and begin to get it expressed through the creative media. 

I"ll be right be your side to offer guidance and answer questions if you have any.  Following our solo creative time we'll gather again to share the fruit of our labors and appreciate the gifts given in our time together.  


Mission and Vision 

At Contemplative Creativity, my mission is to create a safe, communal space for all women to explore their authentic voice, their inner wisdom,

and their ideas of the sacred through creative expression.  

In community, with creative prompts and grounded guidance,

it's possible to hear the still small voice that opens us for transformation. 

I dream of a day when women

can hear, trust, and live

into their most authentic selves.

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